Angular 2.0 Jump-Start Training

Learning Angular 2 Should be Your Priority!  Start learning Angular 2 now in our weekend training course.

Not only is Angular 2 going to be the future of web, but also there are a lot of new concepts in Angular 2 that require time to internalize.

This course teaches you the concepts of Angular 2. You will learn how to utilize Components, Annotations, Views, Event Handlers, Directives and more. In Angular 2 everything is a Component and this course takes a component-centric approach. We will use Components as the main point of discussion and you will learn about other concepts in Angular 2 in the context of Components. 
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Why Should You Take This Class?

If you you want to get up and running FAST with the Angular 2 framework and don’t have the time to read through all the documentation or search all over the web for tutorials, then this in depth training is perfect for you.

Stay Up-to-Date with Angular 2 with FREE Repeats!

This course will be continuously updated as new changes to the Angular 2 framework comes out. Therefore, to add value to our students, we are offering FREE repeats on a space-availability basis for up to 8 months after your initial date of attendance.  Learn more and register here!

Instructor, Troy Miles  
Troy Miles is a senior software engineer and instructor. He is exceptionally skilled at full stack. He posses deep knowledge of the following frameworks: AngularJS, jQuery, jQuery Mobile, PhoneGap, Backbone, Ember, Jasmine, and Mocha.

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