Beautiful Angular Apps with Material Design

Come and join us for this fun and fact-filled 90-minute session. See how easy Material Design makes building beautiful apps. I will post all of the code and slides online after the talk. 

It is important for apps to not only work well but also to look good. There are lots ways to create Angular apps with beautiful UIs. You can do it yourself with custom CSS classes, use a framework like bootstrap or foundation, and then there is Angular Material. 

Material Design is Google’s visual design reference for creating a unified user experience across platforms and devices. It is mobile first, looks good also on desktop and tablet, and all input devices are first class citizens. Angular Material integrates it quickly into Angular.

In this session, we will cover both the first and the upcoming second versions of Angular Material. We will walk-through enhancing a simple project to make use of Angular Material. We will, of course, compare it to it to Bootstrap. And see how we can use the still in progress version for Angular 2, in our apps now. 

Presenter, Troy Miles 
Troy Miles is a senior software engineer and instructor. He is exceptionally skilled at full stack. He posses deep knowledge of the following frameworks: AngularJS, jQuery, jQuery Mobile, PhoneGap, Backbone, Ember, Jasmine, and Mocha.

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