Build Responsive Emails That Work on Any Device with Foundation

Building HTML emails is hard, especially responsive emails. Get away from complex table markup and inconsistent results. 

This free session teaches you how to use ZURB Foundation’s Email Framework. Spend less time coding emails, and more time on other things, like building amazing products.  With a powerful tool such as Foundation for Emails, you’ll have the ability to create amazing results. 

Web Developer and HTML & CSS instructor, Juan Arciniega will show you how to design an elegant email that will adapt to varying screen sizes and render correctly in nearly every email client – Outlook, as well as Android, iOS, and Windows phones. 

This session will start you on your way to conquering responsive emails with the Foundation Email Framework.  Start designing and developing emails with focused messaging that look beautiful!

Topics Which Will be Covered

· Getting Started with Foundation’s Email Framework

· The CSS version

· The SASS version

· Zurb Stack

· Templates

· Using Inky

· The Grid

· Global Styles

· Using the Alignment Classes

· Buttons

· Wrapper

· Typography

· Migrate from Ink

                                   Juan Arciniega 
             Web Developer and HTML & CSS instructor

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