Code & Coffee

Let’s get together for code & coffee at MADE.

Essentially anyone of any skill level can come and hang out with others who share programming as an interest. We’ve only done this once so far, but this has huge potential to unify and grow the tech culture in Long Beach. James Hall will be hosting this event. James is currently a C.S. student at CSULB, and wants to help lead students get to know and gain insights from more senior professionals working in Tech in L.B. The main goals are to create an environment where we can casually work together and help eachother. In particular, a situation to encourage college students or new programmers to attend in order to grow and gain exposure to the types of technology in store for them as they progress towards a career. In short, discover and share the things important to projects IRL.

This event is like an extension of the WAPRO monthly meeting, which brings together Professionals that share and network, in order to deep dive into the tech topics that come up — or just work on personal projects amoung peers.

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