Facebook Marketing

This free workshop will cover everything a business owner needs to know about Facebook marketing. 

Each day, more than 900 million people use Facebook and more than 50% of all users log in and spend at least 15 minutes on Facebook every day. 68% of users say that a recommendation from a Facebook friend would make them buy a particular product. Facebook is a powerful tool for generating and converting leads and companies are missing out without it. 

Social Media Specialists, Jade McDermott and Tanysha Goldsmith of Bearly Marketing will teach you the importance of being active on Facebook as a business, the value of branding on social media, and how to leverage Facebook advertising. This interactive seminar will also cover competitor analysis, strategy and brand positioning as a whole through social media. You will have the opportunity to ask questions relating to your brand specifically. 

Bearly Marketing is a friendly and affordable Social Media Agency specializing in Social Media Management. We specialize in comprehensive brand management and optimizing social media channels through on-brand messaging, content curation and unique strategy to cater to your goals and objectives. 

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