JavaScript for Modern Web Development

A full weekend of hands-on instruction from a Software Architect and Microsoft MVP.

Take your Javascript skills to the highest level! Learn the following concepts and more fast with instructor guidance:

•  Object-oriented JavaScript programing

•  How to structure your programs to make use of   encapsulation where needed

• How to consuming Data from an API

• Creating Proxies

• Promises with ajax requests

• JavaScript best coding practices

• Closures and recursion

• Namespacing

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JavaScript for Modern Web Development is a extensive 2 day training course specifically for JavaScript developers with intermediate-level skills who wish to move on to master modern JavaScript development and acquire advance JavaScript skills. 

You will learn advance concepts of the JavaScript language, going far beyond knowing how to use JavaScript to just build web pages.  You will walk away with the knowledge to build powerful JS applications and frameworks!

Hands-On Coding & Not All Lecture

We feel the best way to learn is by actually applying the skills you have learned. During the workshop you will work through hands-on coding labs and exercises.  You will be shown how to apply your new found skills to real world situations.

Why Should You Learn Advanced JavaScript?

If you work as a front-end developer or you plan to develop JavaScript applications, libraries, or frameworks, it is essential that you understand advanced JavaScript concepts and approaches, because you will not be able to develop complex applications without knowing them.

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