Long Beach Web and Mobile Professionals

The Long Beach Web Professionals group meets monthly to showcase cool tech projects, share best practices, network, help newcomers, and build on the values of open source software (F/OSS). We strive to do this in a professional, relaxed, respectful, and open venue for all people in our community.


• Frank Anderson – How to not use Drupal + custom PHP = Highly available, Highly customizable, and Fast!

• Chris Charlton – Yeoman (Yo + Grunt + Bower = fast!)

How to not use Drupal || Presentation by Frank Anderson.

{{ Drupal }} does many things really well, however, it has real-world limitations. This is a talk on using headless Drupal without a REST service or fancy new JS tech. In other words, this is not the typical Headless Drupal Talk thats made the rounds in the last year. Come learn how Frank and the KWALL team utilized Drupal for what it does well (complex content workflows, roles, user access permissions, etc.) and then coupled it with a custom headless solution in order to create website less-characteristic of Drupal: highly available, highly customizable, and an extremely fast front-end. This was accomplished by replacing the user facing Drupal front-end with a custom {{ PHP }} website which displays content that is managed with Drupal.
About Frank Anderson.

Faster Web App Building with Yeoman || Presentation by Chris Charlton.

Come learn about the Yeoman workflow, how to jumpstart webapp development, and learn about some of the tools used by web professionals.
<a>About Chris Charlton</a>



- Setup and Introductions (10min)
- Community News and Job Announcements (10min)
- Main Presentation (45min)
- Short Presentaiton (aka Thunder Talk) and/or open-mic & – Lightning Talks (20min)
- Networking and post-meetup venue dubya (20min)



DATE: January 22
TIME: 7-9p
LOCATION: 235 E. Broadway, 8th Floor, Long Beach, CA
MAP LINK: WE Labs — Broadway + Long Beach BLVD intersection.
PARKING: The Cityplace Lot C #6 … 2hrs FREE then $.75/hr >> 3rd Street + Promenade
CHEAP: $.50 Metered parking until 9p (free after) > anywhere east of Long Beach Blvd
ALL-DAY: Cheap $5 ALL-DAY parking across street.


Our meetups are FREE and everyone is welcome. Our goal is to share and learn about the technology that ignites our imaginations, to build skill-sets, network, and grow community! So if you work or have interest in Web or Application Development, or just like talking geek, add our meetup to your calendar now and join us!

We have a preference towards open-source software, especially server-side. This year we will have meetups focused on the life-cycle and technologies related to website and application development. We will especially try to delve into situations where mobile and web technologies converge. The meeting topics we cover will vary monthly and will be tailored to, and by, our community. Below are some potential topics for future meetups, or at least conversation starters when we get together:

CMS FRAMEWORKS - Bolt / Django / {{ DRUPAL }} / Joomla / Radiantcms / WordPress / etc
DEVOPS - Ubuntu / CentOS / Apache / Nginx / MySQL-Maria-Percona / Jenkins / Virtualization: VMs / AWS / ownCloud / VPS / Vagrant / Puppet / Chef / Ansible / Salt / Containerization: Docker / Rocket
BACKEND FRAMEWORKS - Symphony / Zend / io.js / Lift / etc
FRONTEND TOOLS+FRAMEWORKS - Angular / Backbone / Bootstrap / Compass / Ember / Foundation / Less / SASS / {{ YEOMAN }} / etc
DEVELOPMENT - Bash / CSS / HTML / JAVA / JS / {{ PHP }} / Python / Ruby / Go / Scala / SQL / etc


Work Evolution Labratories, (WE Labs) offers an 8,000 sqft coworking cumminty in Downtown Long Beach and graciously offered us space for the meetup. If you’re not a member and would like to check them out, they also host $5 co-working Friday from 9a-close, checkout the details!

Organizer Media Done Right based in Long Beach. He is also a resident. Media Done Right will provide light snacks for the meetup.

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