Long Beach Web & Application Professionals Meetup (#WAPRO)

The Long Beach Web & App dev Professionals (WAPRO) group meets monthly to showcase our cool tech projects, share best practices, network with each other, help newcomers, and the values of open source software (F/OSS). We strive to do this in a professional, relaxed, respectful, and open venue for all people in our community.Website: http://wapro.lbtech.org/about


• Mariano Crivello – Digital Effin Strategy

• Mike Stewart – One Size fits all: One toolbox for Micro, Small, and Enterprise websites using Symfony, Twig, SASS+Compass, Bundler, and more.

• James Hall – iOS Development

• Frank Andersen – Go Beach! CSULB  has a new website. It’s freekin beautiful! Frank will share how it was built.

• Interested in presenting or have an announcement?  contact me

Digital Effin Strategy | Presentation by Mariano Crivello

We have been called architects, developers, designers, guru’s, nerds, The IT gal or guy, code monkey, marketing dude, seo wiz and more… but who we are… at our core… is a digital strategist.

We are people who strategize the use of technology to effect change. And we are damn good at it.

This is your personally catered pep rally.

Please attend.

About Mariano Crivello
about.me: alt.2600 turned open-source evangelist… that is all you need to know ;)

One Size fits all | Presentation by Michael Stewart.

Come learn how to utilize open source tools to build world-class websites of all sizes. Do you mainly work on promotional Micro sites? Maybe you also build small websites for mom-and-pop type businesses on a tight budget? Or maybe you work for an agency creating complex enterprise sites with multilingual, multi-departmental content workflows, etc. This talk will focus on how to retool your craft with a single set of open source tools that works across platforms to meet the needs of most websites. In recent years there’s been a plethora of open source technologies to either simplify and/or automate the build-out of web and applications. Everything in the development stack, including the tools and the OS can now be virtualized, automated, simplified, tested, and deployed, using a huge stack of tools that need to work together. I’ll hit on some of the tools I use as well as some I’ve recently learned about this year at various talks. I’ll primarily focus on how to use an open/free desktop utilizing only open source tools and a technology stack to build the modern standards based websites.

About Michael Stewart
A long time open source evangelist, community organizer, and resident of Long Beach. Started his career in Enterprise  I.T. implementing projects such as: Customer Relationship Management, Engineering Document Management, and  ERP System; on an early Windows NT / Oracle configuration. His knowledge of Microsoft technologies, ERP and manufacturing led him to employers focused on Warehouse Management Systems, Time & Attendance, and Management Execution Systems. The latter projects utilized early Microsoft web technologies which eventually led him to consulting building websites and web based applications. Ultimately, licensing independence for his clients plus the discovery of the principles behind free software, led him to Drupal as a veritable swiss-army-knife for the web, and free software in general.


• Setup and Introductions (10min)

• Community News and Job Announcements (10min)

• Main Presentation (20min)

• iOS Dev Presentation (aka Thunder Talk) (10-15min)

• Go Beach! CSULB Presentation (Lightning Talk) (5-10min)

• One Size Fits All (aka Thunder Talk) (15min)

• Open-mic & Lightning Talks and/or Q&A (20min)

• Networking and post-meetup venue dubya (20min)



Note: We alternate meetup locations monthly. 

DATE: March 19, 2015 TIME: 7-9p
LOCATION: 235 E. Broadway, 8th Floor, Long Beach, CA
MAP LINK: WE Labs – Broadway + Long Beach BLVD intersection.
PARKING: The Cityplace Lot C #6 … 2hrs FREE then $.75/hr >> 3rd Street + Promenade
CHEAP: $.50 Metered parking until 9p (free after) > anywhere east of Long Beach Blvd
ALL-DAY: Cheap $5 ALL-DAY parking across street.


Our meetups are FREE and everyone is welcome. Our goal, in essence, is to share and learn about the technology that ignites our imaginations, to build skill-sets, network, and grow community! So if you work or have interest in Web or Application Development, or just like talking geek, add our meetup to your calendar now and join us!

We have a preference towards open-source software, especially server-side. This year we will have meetups focused on the life-cycle and technologies related to website and application development. We will especially try to delve into situations where mobile and web technologies converge. The meeting topics we cover will vary monthly and will be tailored to, and by, our community.


Work Evolution Labratories, (WE Labs) offers an 8,000 sqft coworking cumminty in Downtown Long Beach and graciously offered to provide space for the meetup, plus Food & Refreshments. If you’re not a member and would like to check them out, they also host $5 co-working Friday from 9a-close, checkout the details!

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