Long Beach Web & Application Professionals Meetup

The Long Beach Web & App dev Professionals (WAPRO) group meets monthly to showcase our cool tech projects, share best practices, network with each other, help newcomers, and the values of open source software (F/OSS). We strive to do this in a professional, relaxed, respectful, and open venue for all people in our community.Website: http://wapro.lbtech.org/about


• Aaron Pederson – Let’s talk about SASS

• Mariano Crivello – Digital Effin Strategy

Our kickoff meeting was January at WE Labs. We had presentations and sharing from people that discussed their work utilizing Drupal, Jekyll, Node.js, Yeoman, Varnish, PHP, CME, and Bootstrap, on projects for SpaceX.com, Riot Games League of Legends, X Prize, and others. It was a great way to start 2015, but, we’re just getting started in Long Beach! What I know from experience: Some of my best projects and connections have come through my involvement in community events. Don’t miss out!

This Month we change venue to Gunn-Jerkins (near LGB airport). We’ll be back to WE Labs soon enough, but this month is an opportunity to visit one of best creative agency’s in Long Beach while we wow you with at least two more great talks, and everything the community brings to share.


Let’s talk about SASS || Presentation by Aaron Pedersen

The “coding” concepts behind SASS leave many front-end developer resistant to the language and process. In this talk, Aaron will cover the basic concepts and show you how easy it is to get up and running with SASS and how to integrate it into your development workflow. As an example, we’ll be checking out the lbtech.github.io repository, making some modifications and pushing those changes to github. The goal of this talk is to show you how the language can help speed up development and bring more organization and beauty (yes code can be pretty) to your css code base.

About Aaron Pedersen
As co-founder and principle at DevelopmentArc, a boutique development firm and parent company of Pedanco, Aaron Pedersen’s passion lies in helping businesses streamline process making teams work more effectively through innovative technology solutions. A published author, expert speaker, and sought-after business consultant and trainer, Aaron works with a wide range of companies, from Fortune 500 corporations and multi-chain hospitality companies to emerging brands and seed-round startups including Toyota Motor Sports, DHAP Digital, Adobe, KitchenNetwork, CoreLogic, PWC, Yahoo, and FitStar.

Digital Effin Strategy || Presentation by Mariano Crivello

We have been called architects, developers, designers, guru’s, nerds, The IT gal or guy, code monkey, marketing dude, seo wiz and more… but who we are… at our core… is a digital strategist.

We are people who strategize the use of technology to effect change. And we are damn good at it.

This is your personally catered pep rally.

Please attend.

About Mariano Crivello
about.me: alt.2600 turned open-source evangelist… that is all you need to know ;)


• Setup and Introductions (10min)

• Community News and Job Announcements (10min)

• Main Presentation (30min)

• Short Presentation (aka Thunder Talk) (20min)

• Open-mic & Lightning Talks and/or Q&A (20min)

• Networking and post-meetup venue dubya (20min)


• Note: We alternate meetup locations monthly.

• DATE: Feb 19, 2015

• TIME: 7p sharp … 6:30 early arrivals and setup

• LOCATION: Gunn Jerkens Marketing Communications, 3950 Cover Street, Long Beach, CA 90808

• MAP LINK: Map 

• PARKING: Free.


Our meetups are FREE and everyone is welcome. Our goal, in essence, is to share and learn about the technology that ignites our imaginations, to build skill-sets, network, and grow community! So if you work or have interest in Web or Application Development, or just like talking geek, add our meetup to your calendar now and join us!

We have a preference towards open-source software, especially server-side. This year we will have meetups focused on the life-cycle and technologies related to website and application development. We will especially try to delve into situations where mobile and web technologies converge. The meeting topics we cover will vary monthly and will be tailored to, and by, our community. Below are some potential topics for future meetups, or at least conversation starters when we get together:

CMS FRAMEWORKS - Bolt / Django / Joomla / Radiantcms /WordPress / etc
DEVOPS - Ubuntu / CentOS / Apache / Nginx / MySQL-Maria-Percona / Jenkins / Virtualization: VMs / AWS / ownCloud / VPS / Vagrant / Puppet / Chef / Ansible / Salt / Containerization: Docker / Rocket
BACKEND FRAMEWORKS - Symphony / Zend / <a>node.js</a> / io.js /Lift / etc
FRONTEND TOOLS+FRAMEWORKS - Angular / Backbone /Bootstrap / Compass / Ember / Foundation / Less / SASS / Twig// etc
DEVELOPMENT - Bash / CSS / HTML / JAVA / JS / / Python /Ruby / Go / Scala / SQL / etc


Gunn-Jerkins is a full service Creative Marketing & Communications firm based in Long Beach. Gunn-Jerkins is providing the venue for the meetup in their Lush Offices near Long Beach Airport.   In addition, they are graciously providing light snacks & refreshments for the meetup.

Organizer Mike Stewart runs a botique web development firm, Media Done Right based in Long Beach. Please contact him beforehand for announcements or if you’re interested in speaking at future events.

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