Quick & Dirty MongoDB

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This is a quick and dirty, hands on introduction to MongoDB designed to get you productive quickly. 

What is MongoDB? 
MongoDB is an open source, document-oriented database designed with both scalability and developer agility in mind. Instead of storing your data in tables and rows as you would with a relational database, in MongoDB you store JSON-like documents with dynamic schemas! 

What You Will Learn in This Session 
In this workshop we will deploy a pre-built Node website to Heroku, then hook it up to an mLabs MongoDB instance. We will then use both the Mongo Shell and a GUI based app to import and export data, save and modify documents, and run queries. Finally, we’ll use our knowledge of Mongo queries to create a RESTful api for the Node app. 

This is a workshop designed for experienced JavaScript developers. You must already be familiar with the following: JavaScript, Git, using a programming editor, running commands from the terminal, and launching a web server on your own machine. 

Please follow ALL of the installation instructions at: http://therockncoder.blogspot.com/2015/10/preparing-for-mean-stack-workshop.html 

Please sign up for Heroku at: https://www.heroku.com/

Instructor, Troy Miles  
Troy Miles is a senior software engineer and instructor. He is exceptionally skilled at full stack. He posses deep knowledge of the following frameworks: AngularJS, jQuery, jQuery Mobile, PhoneGap, Backbone, Ember, Jasmine, and Mocha.

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