The Basics & Beyond of React.js Development – Online Session

If you have been considering learning React.js, this free online session is a convenient and fast way to get started. This session will introduce you to the React library. 

WHAT IS REACT???  React.js is a popular, high-performance JavaScript library developed by Facebook for building interactive user interfaces.  

You will also learn what makes React special and the benefits you can gain transitioning your current applications to React.


• Declarative programming style vs. imperative (e.g. jQuery)

• Isolated UI components vs. UI spaghetti (e.g. jQuery, Angular 1)

• Enforced one-way data flow vs. unenforced data flow, meaning that state (and state-related logic) is centralized at the top and only flows down through the component tree

• JSX (HTML-in-JavaScript) templating language vs. Javascript-in-HTML-style templating language (e.g. Handlebars)

• Just the V in MVC vs. complete MVC (e.g. Angular), meaning that React plays nice with other layers of the stack, such as Backbone models, Redux stores, or even entire frameworks such as Angular or Meteor

• Piecemeal adoption vs. complete rewrite, meaning that React can be safely added to a project one component-at-a-time

• Smart developer community, extensive ecosystem, great developer tools, Facebook support 


• Programmers looking to learn React

• Developers who want to grow out of just using jQuery

• Engineers who have researched React but have had trouble mastering some concepts

• Department leads and CTOs who are considering making the shift to React.js

IMPORTANT:  This is an online only session. After you RSVP, you will be notified within 2 days of this event, how to join.  

Instructor,Grant Nestor
Grant has over a decade of experience in building robust, scalable applications for the web, utilizing many different languages and technologies. Most recently, Grant is the Founder at Play Company, App Design/Development studio in Venice, CA

Instructor, Brennan Roberts
Brennan Roberts is the web application lead at Oblong Industries, maker of Minority Report-inspired conference room systems. He wields React every day to build their richly-animated, real-time web applications.

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