Long Beach + Tech

Recently I found myself in a heated exchange with a group of Long Beach Tech entrepreneurs  who shall remain nameless about the state of tech in Long Beach.

During our lively discussion we talked about many things. However, the conversation kept circling back to the name and concept of Long Beach Tech and who should have the right to associate with it.

With fervor and conviction my colleagues proclaimed that a fragmented approach is just plain heresy and that my ideas would lead to nothing more than ” confusion”, “chaos”, and “cannibalism” within the community and ultimately “damage” the Long Beach Tech brand.

I don’t see it that way. I believe having many decentralized groups associated with the terms “Long Beach” and “Tech” is an essential part of establishing Long Beach as a regional tech player.

Long Beach + Tech is a concept, a goal, a mission, that belong to everyone.

The following chart depicts roughly the number of domains registered worldwide as of April of 2014 that use  “Silicon Valley”, “Silicon Beach”, “Tech Coast”, or “Long Beach Tech” as part of the domain naming scheme.     


There are 500 registered domains that include Silicon Valley and 465 which mention Silicon Beach. That is 77.5 to 83.3 times higher than Long Beach.

The next chart shows the number of domains which used a moniker + tech in the naming scheme.


In this example, Silicon Valley and Silicon Beach still had nearly six to seven times more domains compared to Long Beach Tech and about four times as many as Tech Coast.

SV and SB have the highest rate of organizations associating with the same monikers, yet instead of chaos and confusion they actually enjoy a healthy dose of buzz, respect, and influence as thriving tech communities.

So is it going to damage the branding of our city as a regional tech player to have hundreds of organizations associating and registering domains with Long Beach + Tech? You tell me.


Data provided by Namedroppers.com